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This business improvement consulting group required an identity that transcended conventional expectations. The logo not only surprises with its dimensional perspective, but also in its execution on paper with tactile engraving and a deep embossing


A research and therapeutic development company dedicated to cancer research. This logo reflects the process of disrupting angiogenesis, whereby the blood vessels feeding malignant tumors are effectively starved to death.


A simple plumb bob modified to resemble the letter "A" brings a sleek, sophisticated image to a high-end remodeling firm. 


Midwest Dentsply developed a new dental handpiece considered to be Next Generation Technology that was a breakthrough in ergonomics, efficiency and technology. (See more under "Collateral")

Hoechst BiologicsLogo3-02.png

Hoechst Biologics Logo

Hoechst Biologics conducts research and creates vaccines for the poultry industry using recombinant DNA sequencing.

The Foundation For Peripheral Neuropathy

The foundation desired a more accessible mark that broadened its appeal to patients and their families in addition to its objectives for research and funding. (See more under "Collateral")

ZO Private Wealth Advisement

Wealth management and advisement firm for high net worth clients

Century Solutions

Although these seasoned executives had extensive business experience, they still needed their new identity to represent them as a solid, established consulting firm. RSD, Inc. accomplished this with a precise and detailed mark executed in a two-layer engraving process, winning the prestigious Excellence award at the annual IEGA. (See more under "Collateral")


Real estate and rehab firm focusing on the residential market


Westwood Estates

A new real estate development for independent senior living. (See more under "Integrated Campaign" and "Direct Mail")


Vintage Cellars

Vintage Cellars designs and builds custom wine cellars.

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