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Art Director and Designer Richard Stadler demonstrated a critical and somewhat shrewd eye for design at a very young age by pointing out to his mother that the sofa didn't really work with the flocked foil wallpaper and a proclivity for graphic design sales by selling coloring book pages to his younger brother. He gained access to the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana by jimmying the lock on a poorly secured back door and after many all-nighters, some of them even spent studying, he graduated with honors and a Bachelors of Fine Art. 

He bounced around studios and agencies in Chicago, starting with an internship at Slavin and Associates where he learned how to order the perfect pastrami sandwich at the jewish deli, moving on to Concrete Design and Walner, Harbauer & Bruce before settling down at Baxter Healthcare. From there he was conscripted to a work/release program in Northbrook at Interface Studios where his design skills garnered accolades and an AADA award. 

And since the stirring landscape wasn't sufficiently inspirational he made his next stop the uncharted wilderness of Schaumburg for Tucker Chicago; quickly moving through the ranks to become Senior Art Director and posting numerous local and national awards. In 1996 he began Richard Stadler Design, Inc. a dream he long held after enduring years of struggle, balancing a coffee cup, breakfast bowl and a stickshift on his morning commute. He dedicates at least 24 hours a day to cultivating happy clients while concurrently resisting the urge to pull out a corkscrew in the middle of the day. 

In his spare time he enjoys gardening, biking, running, coaching soccer, tending to his koi pond and pondering the bucolic suburban scene, while being lovingly ministered to by his wife and 3 children. He dreams of someday living inside a modern art museum ideally, quietly nestled above a craggy 45-degree slope, with a 3000-foot vertical drop, accumulating at least 300 annual inches of Rocky Mountain powder. 

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