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Another "guerrilla" direct mail effort. This folded-newspaper-sized piece was placed under the hotel doors of trade show attendees, inviting them to the booth.


A steady schedule of postcards keeps potential customers well-informed of the progress of a wide variety of projects underway with this design and build firm.

Integrated Project Management

What better way is there to create a "buzz" about the upcoming roundtable event at iBIO conference, than to bribe the recipient with Starbucks? The foldout format built anticipation until it revealed the affixed gift card.

Arlington Park Promotional Material

Arlington Park tasked RSD Inc. with designing various promotional materials for their 2009 season, including a "guerrilla-mail" postcard intended to be handed out on Michigan Ave, and a campaign to promote a special appearance of multiple Chicago Blackhawk legends at the park

Arlington Park Season Box Holder Program

RSD Inc. branded Arlington Park's Season Box Holder program and created a wrapped package that explains the greatly expanded benefits of this new multi-tiered renewal. Introductory letter and forms were custom variable printed with pre-populated entries for ease and personalization.

RenishawRLSDM B S.png

Renishaw Mailer

Adding an actual encoder-embedded board literally pushed the envelope in this dimensional mailer that combined a holiday greeting with a simple description of product benefits.

Chicago Dental Specialties

Starting with a highly geographic and income-targeted mailing list, backed with an enticing incentive ensured this direct mail message successfully cut through the clutter. The story of pain-free dentistry supported by dramatic "before" and "after" photos was printed on heavy premium paper with pearlescent ink and coated with a satin varnish for a jewel-like elegance.

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